CS displaces oxygen. So why would we use a CS spray?

First, this is not your grandpa’s CS. Reflex Protect has perfected Presidia Gel to stick to the suspect with zero cross contamination. It does not atomize and does not displace oxygen. Everything you knew about CS does not apply to Presidia Gel.

I have used CS sprays in the past and they were not that effective. How is Reflex Protect different?

Traditional CS sprays atomize, disperse into the air, and therefore deliver very little CS to the intended target, drastically reducing any effect to the subject. This atomization also results in high cross contamination and the potential for oxygen displacement.

Presidia Gel does not atomize, does not displace oxygen, allowing the proprietary gel to stick to the intended target. The targeted stream delivers the full force of Presidia Gel, causing immediate, involuntary eye closure and disorientation, as well as incapacitating pain within seconds.

I was sprayed with OC at the Academy, and dealt with ongoing effects for nearly 24 hours after exposure. How long will Presidia Gel affect someone after being cleaned off with your decon?

OC is oil based, and that is why it is so hard to decon. That is also why showering re-activates it. Reflex Remove decon neutralizes Presidia Gel on contact, so you feel cooling immediately. You can function within 2 minutes, and on average you will only feel minimal effects by 5 minutes. Full recovery happens within 15. Being sprayed for re-training will be very different for you.

Can I use this spray with a Taser?

Yes, Presidia Gel is non-flammable and safe to use with any Electronic Restraint Device (ERD).

Is that your spray head on Safariland’s MK-9?

Yes it is.  Safariland recognized that our Reflex® technology spray head offers game changing ergonomics, safety systems, and rapid deployment.

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