5.0 oz. Industry Presidia Gel

Product Specs

Net Weight 5 oz. / 148 ml
Formula 2% Chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS), inert accelerants
Spray Pattern Gel stream
Range 18 to 20 ft.

5.0 oz. Industry Presidia Gel

Extreme Stopping Power

Immediate involuntary eye closure and disorientation incapacitates a violent subject upon contact.

Clean Up

Patent-pending advanced Reflex Remove decontaminate reverses the effects of Presidia Gel after the threat has passed, providing relief within 2 minutes, compared to 15 minutes for competing products. Clean-up is easy and fast for both people and surfaces.

New Proprietary Formula

Presidia Gel is NOT pepper spray, but rather an innovative sticky reformulation of LE-trusted CS.

Patented Technology

The patented Reflex spray head is designed for easy, intuitive, and extremely accurate use, deploying a tight stream up to 20 feet with zero blow-back.

Sticks to Target

Presidia Gel sticks to what it hits, preventing side-splatter or collateral effect, perfect for sensitive indoor locations. Cannot be removed by subject and thrown back at the officer.

No Contamination

Non-atomizing and non-flammable. Can be safely deployed indoors, in a vehicle, or in a crowd without affecting innocent bystanders. Non-flammable formula, safe to use with Electronic Restraint Devices (ERD).




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