MK-IV (3.3 oz.) Duty Belt Presidia Gel

Product Specs

Net Weight 3.3 oz. / 97.6 ml
Formula 2% Chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS), inert accelerants
Spray Pattern Gel stream
Range Up to 15 ft.

MK-IV (3.3 oz.) Duty Belt Presidia Gel

Extreme Stopping Power

Immediate involuntary eye closure and disorientation incapacitates a violent subject upon contact.

Clean Up

Shockingly effective Reflex Remove decontaminant neutralizes Presidia Gel and provides relief within 2 minutes. Clean up is easy and fast for both people and surfaces. LE in Ohio call it “pure gold.”

New Proprietary Formula

The product is NOT pepper spray, but rather a new, target-specific, sticky, and rapid-onset CS formulation.

Sticks to Target

Sprays a tight stream of sticky gel with zero blow-back. Officers can isolate a subject in a group without affecting anyone nearby. Cannot be removed by subject and thrown back at officers.

Safe with No Contamination

Non-atomizing and doesn’t displace oxygen. Can be safely deployed in crowds, indoors, within cells, and in vehicles. Non-flammable formula, safe to use with Electronic Restraint Devices (ERD).


Identical operation to MK-IV pepper sprays. Fits in existing MK-IV holster. Printed instruction manual included. Certified instructor training available.



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