Reflex Remove Decon Solution

Product Specs

Net Weight 8 oz. / 236.6 ml
Formula CS/OC Decon Solution

Reflex Remove Decon Solution

decon in less than 5 minutes

Reflex Remove™ is the patent-pending OC/CS decontaminant proven to neutralize, clean, and soothe the effects of non-lethal chemical agents quickly and safely.  Effective on any pepper spray, foam, gel, or tear gas. LE and military professionals, experienced in the lingering after effects of pepper spray and tear gas, have dubbed Reflex Remove™ their “new best friend” after field testing.


Soothing relief begins quickly and subjects can function within 2 minutes. On average, subjects feel only minimal effects by 5 minutes and recover fully within 15.


Make sure surfaces are free of residual CS/OC safely and quickly. Especially useful for indoor locations and high-use areas. Full decon also prevents “reactivation” commonly experienced with other sprays and decontaminants.


Fast decon puts officers back on duty without delay. Subject clean up can be completed on site in minutes. No need to change uniforms.


Mandatory less-lethal spray training with Presidia Gel® and Reflex Remove™ is completed in record time, as officer decon is swift.  Because of this, officers experience extreme pain for less than one minute, instead of the extended misery from pepper spray.



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